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Special Forest Products are products or natural resources that are not the traditional timber and fiber products.  Another name for special forest products is non-convertible products, because they are products that are not converted into board foot or cubic foot measure.  Examples include such products as floral greenery, Christmas trees and boughs, mushrooms, transplants (trees, shrubs or herbaceous plants), cones, medicinal plants, cuttings, herbs, nuts, berries, decorative wood, and pitch.  Special Forest Products (SFP) provides the you with the opportunity to harvest SFP as another sustainable source of income.

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We specialize in the cultivation of Noble fir trees for bough production, and have used fertilization, release cutting, and tree topping to maximize the growth of the boughs.  On our lot near Mt. St Helens, we have experimented with different methods to top trees more efficiently, and have come up with a way to top larger trees at little to no cost to the land owner.

Special Forest Products

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