Name: NWL

Project: We have been evaluating timber units and permitting timber sales for NWL.

​Name: Taheleh

Project: This is a development that is roughly 3000 acres where we have written forest practice applications for several units to be harvested. We have also completed tree inventories, harvest unit layouts, and have written forest management plans for most of the 3000 acres. We have implemented extensive vegetation management strategies to get control of the scotch broom, alder and cottonwood. Construction of a fire line around the harvested units is scheduled to begin in spring 2014.  Reforestation of the recently harvested site has been completed.


Cascade Resource Management, LLC

Forestry Consultants

Name: Burnett 20's

Project: Permitting approximately 400 acres for harvest outside of Burnett, WA.

Name: Stair Way To Haven (Tianshi Tree Farm)

Project: We fertilized 20 acres of Noble Fir to help boost the production of boughs.  Hand application of fertilizer permits the owner to select the best trees for bough production and begin a crop tree replacement program.

Name: Hancock Forest Management

Project: Harvest unit layout, road location, and boundary marking for units in the White River  and Kapowsin tree farms.

Name: Forest Management Plans

Project: We are always preparing forest management plans for small landowners to satisfy the county's requirements to keep property in forest land tax classification.

Name: Weyerhaeuser

Project:  We have been cruising timber on the Vail and Pe Ell tree farms for the last year and have recently taken on some of the Coastal trees farm outside of Elma.  Using the latest in GPS technology and cruising procedures we sample 14 to 40 year old timber stands.


Current and past projects that will give you an idea of what we do.

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Name: Noble Cause

Project: We had experimented with new methods of topping noble-fir trees on the Tianshi Tree Farm to include experimentation with ladders, and use of an off road vehicle.