Cascade Resource Management, LLC

Forestry Consultants

From planting to harvesting and everything in between there are steps to increase the value, health and aesthetics of your timberland.  We also specialize in writing forest management plans as required to keep your parcel in forest land tax designation.

Our aim at Cascade Resource Management is to assist our customers in achieving their forest management goals and objectives.  The scope of work we do ranges from small landowners to large timber companies.  We take pride in our customer service, and tend to have a personalized approach for every customer.

Below is a list of our common services.  Click on the bold title to learn more about these services.  If you have an unconventional or specialized need, please contact us, we'll do everything we can to assist you. 


Services Overview

"Helping our customers meet their forest management goals AND​ objectives since 1977"

Find out what special forest products are, and what you can do with your forest land to benefit from these products.


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Licensed. Bonded. Insured.

An important part of forest management is vegetation control whether it be by chemical or mechanical applications.  We have one licensed applicator and two licensed commercial operators that know the laws and safety of herbicide application well.

We complete every step of the permitting process for your forest practices including but not limited to: harvest unit layout, forest road location, aerial herbicide permits, and interacting with the state, federal and tribal governments to get your permit approved.