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What are forest practices?

Forest practices, as described by the Washington Department of Natural Resources, are activities related to the growing, harvesting, or processing of timber, including but not limited to, road construction and maintenance, thinning, salvage, harvesting, reforestation, brush control, and using fertilizers and pesticides.   

Forest Practices


For almost any forest practice on non federal land, a forest practice permit is required by state or county governments.  These permits ensure that the forest practice abides by the forest practices rules and regulations in the particular area.

What does that mean for the forest land owner?

  We handle everything for our clients in the permitting process from start to finish.  This typically includes field work (such as harvest unit layout, locating property lines, typing and buffering streams and wetlands, identifying potentially unstable soils), filing a forest practice application with the state or county government, overseeing that the forest practice complies to all government rules and regulations, and follow through to ensure full completion of the project.  We serve as a liaison between the forest land owner, local government agencies and the logging company to ensure there is proper communication between all involved.